BioActive Polymers in Brief

BioActive Polymers is the developer of BioBarrier™, an effective and user friendly post-surgical adhesion barrier spray. BioBarrier™ is uniquely formulated to seek out and visibly self-bond specifically to the desired wound sites, reliably perform its barrier function, and fully resorb within 30 days. BioBarrier™ is a preclinical-stage technology and is not yet approved for use in humans.

BioActive Polymers is a privately funded, biosurgery focused company located in Lund, Sweden. The product, BioBarrier™, will initially be indicated for abdominal and pelvic surgery, with future products for thoracic and orthopedic indications. The technology is based on a wealth of expertise from clinical leaders at Lund University.

The BioBarrier™ spray is applied on the target tissue at the time of surgery and forms a visible, white, biocompatible and degradable barrier. This proprietary spray utilizes two simultaneous streams of differently charged liquid polypeptides that rapidly solidify specifically at the wound site to form a goal-seeking, temporary protective barrier. BioBarrier™ is a medical device that uses charged, well-known polypeptides designed to bind directly to the injured tissue, ensuring a sealed wound area and preventing adhesions from forming between tissue surfaces. The barrier remains intact, where applied, for up to seven days, protecting the target tissue during the critical wound healing period. This user-friendly sprayable product can easily be applied in conventional open surgery as well as minimally invasive surgery (laparoscopy).

The technology has been examined in more than ten pre-clinical trials, including more than 1,000 animals in established models. These studies have confirmed the efficacy of BioBarrier™ as an adhesive agent hindering the creation of adhesions. This successful research work is headed by Associate Professor Bobby Tingstedt at Lund University Hospital. BioActive Polymers is currently preparing for human clinical trials.