Change in ownership

Bioactive Polymers has recently undergone an ownership and management change. One of the founders, Professor Roland Andersson, has acquired the shares of Bioactive Polymers. As new share holder, Christer Fåhraeus has joined the Company and owns 20% of Bioactive.


Novel indications

Novel indications for Biobarrier™ will now be explored during 2017. Primarily, orthopedic indications will be studied. Restrictions in mobility following tendon and joint injuries are common and represent a major problem, for which there presently is no solution but physiotherapy and training. The expectations of our product on these indications are great and most probably toxicity problems should represent a minor problem.

Biobarrier™ may also prove to be an efficient carrier for drug delivery. The concept will be tested both on wound healing and inflammatory bowel disease, together with compounds that already are in clinical use. Both conditions represent major challenges, substantial challenges and associated costs. The competitive market is limited, and alternative compounds are costly. Our expectations are thus high on these novel indications.