Retrospective studies

Tingstedt B, Johansson J, Nehez L, Andersson R. Late abdominal complaints after appendectomy – readmissions during longterm follow-up. Dig Surg 2004;21:23-27.

A retrospective chart review showing that postoperative complaints after surgery is not only small bowel obstruction but also pain can be attributed to adhesions.

Tingstedt B, Isaksson J, Andersson R: Long-term follow-up and cost analysis following surgery for small bowel obstruction caused by intra-abdominal adhesions. Br J Surg 2007, 94(6):743-748.

Retrospective study that depicts readmissions after surgery due to adhesions and all costs attributed to small bowel obstruction following adhesions. Costs calculated to approximately 500 million SEK/yearly.

Isaksson K, Weber E, Andersson R, Tingstedt B. Small Bowel Obstruction – Early Parameters predicting the need of surgical intervention. Eur J Trauma Emerg Surg 2011 ; 37 : 155-159.

All patients with small bowel obstruction were studied and a score was established to early outline those patients that are in need of surgery and can not be treated conservatively. If more than two of the following were present surgery was predictable; prior abdominal surgery, the presence of radiological differential air fluid levels, and absence of flatulence 24 h prior to admission, CRP above10 mg/L and dehydration at admission.